rockingchica (rockingchica) wrote in snowjam,

>>Insert happy sounds here<<

Finger Eleven and Swollen Members are playing Snow Jam Calgary. *does happy dance*

I can't wait. I CANNOT WAIT.

hi I'm new. My father has finally lifted the "I'm an asshole and Snow Jam Is out of the question EVER" ban so I'm a happy me and going to be going to snow Jam August 9/10. Sahweet.

I can't wait to hear Danko Jones, One Nine Hundred, and The Headstones because I've heard so many good things about them all.

It's actually kinda find it sad that I'm looking more foreward to the music than I am the skateboarding and other X-treme sports But I'll be sure to check into that. Maybe. Anyway, cool community, and everyone have fun at Snow Jam!
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