rockingchica (rockingchica) wrote in snowjam,

Snow Jam IN CALGARY Update...DAY 1

James Black from Finger eleven walked up to us last night at Snow Jam.

Luckily I didn't open my mouth because I just know I would've said something stupid. So I let my friend look stupid for me.

It was great.

Midpoint played last night, and they were horrible. In my opinion, at least. They hadd good music, but as the singer openned his mouth, it was kinda like you wanted to scream at him to shut it. Oh well, they are a local band so we stayed around for most of their show.

Chixdiggit were awesome. Another Calgary band and I suggest to all of you to check them out. I don't know how many would actually like them, but they were a fun band. Unfortunately, the amount of stupid non-moshers who were moshing made it sucky for moshing.

Strung out. I don't like them. We didn't watch their show.

The Headstones put on a awesome show, in my opinion. The mosh pit looked better, but not by much. It was a good part of a set I saw, and then I had to leave. Darn.

Today, One Nine Hundred, Moka Only, Full Nine, FINGER ELEVEN!!!!!!, Swollen Members (yay!), Danko Jones and Shocore (UNFORTUNATELY) are playing. So yeah. It should be a fun day!

G'day All!
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