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A great place for skiing! Bukovel!

Hi all!
Let me tell you about  Bukovel. It is a place which  ideally combines excellent facilities for sport and fun hanging out with the peace and quiet.Those who have ever visited mountains of Bukovel, in this corner of the fabulous snow in the winter, which wandered through the first spring thawed, who breathed with this crystal clear air, return Bukovel again and again. Recreation in Bukovel is great at any season, but first of all, Bukovel is the ski resort, so the best time to come to Bukovel is winter. Read more about Bukovel and other Ukrainian resorts on ukraine-vacation-guide.com

Snow Jam IN CALGARY Update...DAY 1

James Black from Finger eleven walked up to us last night at Snow Jam.

Luckily I didn't open my mouth because I just know I would've said something stupid. So I let my friend look stupid for me.

It was great.

Midpoint played last night, and they were horrible. In my opinion, at least. They hadd good music, but as the singer openned his mouth, it was kinda like you wanted to scream at him to shut it. Oh well, they are a local band so we stayed around for most of their show.

Chixdiggit were awesome. Another Calgary band and I suggest to all of you to check them out. I don't know how many would actually like them, but they were a fun band. Unfortunately, the amount of stupid non-moshers who were moshing made it sucky for moshing.

Strung out. I don't like them. We didn't watch their show.

The Headstones put on a awesome show, in my opinion. The mosh pit looked better, but not by much. It was a good part of a set I saw, and then I had to leave. Darn.

Today, One Nine Hundred, Moka Only, Full Nine, FINGER ELEVEN!!!!!!, Swollen Members (yay!), Danko Jones and Shocore (UNFORTUNATELY) are playing. So yeah. It should be a fun day!

G'day All!

>>Insert happy sounds here<<

Finger Eleven and Swollen Members are playing Snow Jam Calgary. *does happy dance*

I can't wait. I CANNOT WAIT.

hi I'm new. My father has finally lifted the "I'm an asshole and Snow Jam Is out of the question EVER" ban so I'm a happy me and going to be going to snow Jam August 9/10. Sahweet.

I can't wait to hear Danko Jones, One Nine Hundred, and The Headstones because I've heard so many good things about them all.

It's actually kinda find it sad that I'm looking more foreward to the music than I am the skateboarding and other X-treme sports But I'll be sure to check into that. Maybe. Anyway, cool community, and everyone have fun at Snow Jam!

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Snowjam's not coming to Halifax this year?? That's crazy,it was absolutly awsome last year and there was sooo many people.. I thought for sure Snowjam would come back..They even said Snowjam probably would come back.. =(
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sorta update i found. they will start updating the snowjam site at iam.ca tomorrow

17 Mai 2002



This summer, Molson Canadian Snow Jam will takeover the downtown areas of 9 cities across Canada and the US. Buffalo, Detroit, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Albany, Toronto, Ottawa and Boston will be transformed into Molson Canadian Snow Jam - Canada's biggest action sports & music festival.

The 2-day festival will take place over a Friday and Saturday in each city, and will feature Quarter-Pipe, Vert Ramp and Street Course competitions for snowboarders, freeskiers, skateboarders , BMX and a demo for in-liners. The mainstage will feature another great summer line up of rock and hip-hop groups. Bands already confirmed for various events include; Jimmy Eat World, Goldfinger, Swollen Members, Sloan, Drop Kick Murphy's, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pennywise & many more! The Vendor Village will be back again this year showcasing action sports displays & products to the thousands of event visitors.

Total tour prize purse is $600,000!! With an increased tour bonus, broken down by sport this year. The prize money breakdown will be announced after June 10th on the Snow Jam event web site: www.snowjam.ca


* BUFFALO, NY - JULY 19/20 @ HSBC Arena
* DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 2/3 @ Comerica Park
* CALGARY, AB - AUGUST 9/10 @ Stampede Park
* VANCOUVER, BC - AUGUST 23/24 @ False Creek
* WINNIPEG, MB - AUGUST 30/31@ Venue TBA
* ALBANY, NY - SEPTEMBER 6/7 @ Saratoga Springs
* TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 13/14 @ Exhibition Place
* OTTAWA, ON - SEPTEMBER 20/21@ JetForm Park
* BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 27/28 @Bayside Expo Centre


We are currently accepting INVITATION REQUESTS from athletes wanting to compete at one, some or all of the Snow Jam events this summer. A total of 15 men & 3 women will be invited to hit the Quarter-Pipe in each city.

To submit a request, visit: www.masev.com and follow the links to Action Sports. Click on the Athlete Request for Invitation below the Snow Jam event info.

Please ensure that you provide us with the most amount of info possible on the form – this will help us when we are selecting the riders for each city. Also, make sure that you mark every city that you are available to attend.

We are working to announce the initial invitation lists for each city by June 17, 2002. The Invitation Lists will be posted on the MASEV web site and the Snow Jam event site: www.snowjam.ca

Note that all events are invitational and the field sizes are limited. All requests will be considered for an invitation, although only those accepted will be notified.

Molson Canadian Snow Jam offers your select team riders a chance to ride & gain incredible exposure in front of our massive on-site audience and through our tour coverage TV production. Last summer's tour drew over 340,000 spectators from 7 cities - with Halifax, Nova Scotia taking the gold for the biggest crowds - 62,400 people!!

To discuss your athlete needs & requests, please call me at (604) 787-7770 or e-mail me: lindsay@masev.com

The Vendor Village at each event allows the thousands of attendees to see and buy the latest in product displays related to the youth culture. If your company is interested in having a booth at Snow Jam, contact Tanja Powell via e-mail: tanja@masev.com

For tour details, updates & info, visit the Snow Jam event web site: www.snowjam.ca (after July 5th).

I look forward to seeing you and your team riders at the Snow Jam events this summer!

Lindsay McWilliam
Athlete Coordinator

MASEV Communications Inc.
4th Floor, 177 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L8

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i would like to go on record saying that it is bullshit that i must wait until late august for snowjam this year (last year it was so convienently in late july....right in mid summer)

i also am on edge waiting for bands to be announced...last years vancouver lineup was phenominal (proabbly the best one of the whole tour....it could be argued that TO. was better...but they had sum 41......:\)

anyone hear of who may/may not be playing?
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